At Post Graduate Level


·          Rajeev S Nair (2000), Neurofuzzy learning models for constructability analysis

·          Sameer Sharma (2002), Neuro-air quality predictors (as a co-supervisor)

·          Sanjay Singh (2004) Neuro simulator on PARAM 10000 for earthquake data analysis

·          Sanjeev Kumar Bose (2004) Wavelet based structural health monitoring  

·          Jay Chandra Kodali (2004), Studies on neural networks models for air quality prediction  (as a co-supervisor)

·          R Roja Rao (2005) Structural optimization by using cellular automata

·          Ajay Dhone (2005) Resources optimization using genetic algorithm

·          Shubhadeep Roy (2005) Artificial neural network application for structural damage detection

·          Rachit Nagpaul (2006) Multi-variable multi-constraint non-linear truss optimization: parallel GA approach

·          Tarun Bhambra (2007) Qualitative construction site assessment system

·          Chandan Mishra (2007) Optimization of trusses using ant colony optimization

·          Deepak Pushpakar (2008) A comparative study of performance of various evolutionary techniques for optimization of 3 dimensional trusses

·          Chirantan Mitra (2008) - Development of a mix design model using soft computing tools for fly ash based normal and self compacting concrete

·          Gaurav Tomar (2009) Computational intelligence tools applications in waste material based concrete design

·          D Srikanth (2009) Comparative study of classical and evolutionary optimization techniques

·          Seema Sriram (2009) - Ultimate deformation capacity of RC members: Computational intelligence approach

·          Saisushank Botu (2009) – Artificial immune system in structural optimization

At Graduate Level


·          Samir Kumar (1999), Neuro-gen optimization for engineering problems (as a co-supervisor)

·          Nilendu Mukherjee (2000), Prototype E-design package for intze tank

·          Gaurav Agarwal (2001), Instance based learning models for liquefaction potential assessment

·          Deepesh Yadav (2002), Development of internet based fuzzy inference driven bridge management system

·          Mitesh Popat (2002), Defect detection and classification using machine learning classifier

·          Sanjay Singh (2003), Development of neuro simulator on PARAM 10000 for material behavior modeling

·          P Sriram (2003), Neural network classifier for image data analysis

·          Sanjeev Kumar Bose (2003), Development of internet based structural health monitoring environment

·          Piyush Agrawal (2004) Neuro classifier on PARAM 10000 for weld classification problems

·          Shubhadeep Roy (2004) GIS based bridge inventory system

·          Atul Narayan (2005) Structural optimization using parallel genetic algorithm

·          Chandan Mishra (2006) Development of ANN model for predicting the properties of concrete mix

·          Tarun Bhambra (2006) Qualitative construction site assessment system

·          Deepak Pushpakar (2007) Development of fuzzy logic based BMS for handheld devices (S60 mobiles and PDAs)

·          Chirantan Mitra (2007) Damage detection in structures in real time using artificial neural networks.

·          Priayanka Thamma (2008) – Genetic Expression Programming in Structural Engineering

·          Gaurav Tomar (2008)  - Sequential Linear Programming for Structural Optimization

·          Himanshu Agrawal (2009) – Ultimate deformation capacity of RC members using artificial neural networks

·          Saisushank Botu (2009) – Optimum design of reinforced concrete frames using particle swarm optimization

·          Vaibhav Sharma (2009) - Evolutionary approach for recycled concrete based mix design

·          Pradeep Kumar (2009) – Fuzzy optimization of trusses

·          Manisha Velugoti (2009) – Fuzzy inference system for estimation of concrete strength



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